Albino Porcupine

Good Morning,

I like to start my day with some good positive mind feed to get me set for the day and normally I have a stash of audio, videos, or books that I look at but this morning was different and I did not have anything picked out from the night before.

Well, I Googled positive mind feed and got everything but that….   Well even though the items were all negative, it got me thinking about something positive and that is to create my own positive mind feed this morning.

OK, first thing is that after I typed the above two paragraphs, I stopped and made myself some breakfast.  Why?  Well for one thing I feel better after I eat breakfast even if I am not in the mood to eat it.  Plus, there are numerous studies showing that if you want to keep slim and trim, that those people that eat breakfast are much more likely to stay that way.  Also, because half the words were misspelled and did not make sense.

Also by eating breakfast, you get your blood sugar levels up to where they should be and you are about 20% more productive and can think better and faster.  Why start you day out 20% behind that Eight Ball and on the road to gaining weight?  Duhhh… 🙂

Besides, I have a hard enough time with my writing as it is without halving half my brain tied behind my back… LOL

So as I was pondering positive things and rolling them around in my noodle, I was thinking about some of the very cool and positive things that happened to me over the years and one of the things that I have to take away as one of the most positive is that I won a marketing contest from Eben Pagan aka David DeAngelo of internet Dating fame a few years back.  If you have never heard of him, he makes about $20 million or so a year from selling eBooks on dating online.  That in and of itself is pretty cool!

Anyway, he ended up putting together what amounted to a Master’s Degree Course on Internet Business using materials that he and some of the smartest people in the Internet Arena used on a daily basis.  Because of the Nature of the Internet and the nature of accreditation process and how long it takes, you will never see a worthwhile course like this in any University that is worth spit because by the time it is approved, it will be out of date.  So, I felt very lucky to have been able to partake.

And while I don’t have time to go into full details here, I ended up meeting some awesome people that I am now friends and business partners with as well as some really good lessons.

Perhaps one of the best ones really has nothing to do with Internet Marketing per se’ but just how we handle life is that you need to take care of yourself first before you do anything else.  Because if you are not solid, and in the best shape mentally and physically, then your chances of being happy and successful go down appreciably.

So, hence the positive mind feed first thing in the morning, breakfast, and then working out nearly everyday.

That lesson has probably had more of a positive impact than anything I learned in any of the hundreds of hours of classes I have taken at various learning institutions I have attended.

When I was first introduced to the concept I thought, man, I said I don’t have time to do all of that.  But after doing it for just about a week, I found that rather than taking time, I actually gained about 40% more productivity in my day.  I actually at first could not, or rather would not believe it.

But it is true, when my energy levels are up, I am well rested and my noodle is in the right place, I blow through tasks like a hot knife through butter.  I am sure you have felt this before when you are on.  Well, this becomes the norm when develop a morning ritual, routine or habit of taking care of yourself first.

So, I thought that I would pass that on to you.   Just to let you know, normally I am not a “Morning” person either, but the gains in what I get done and how I feel throughout the entire day and evening more than make up for it.

If you don’t think you can squeeze in a whole “routine” for yourself in the morning, try just getting some positive mind feed first thing for even 10 or 15 minutes.   You will find that it puts a different spin on your whole day.  Just to get your mind thinking in a totally new direction or way can really help.

And in case you were wondering about the picture, it is a pic of an Albino Porcupine from 1921.  Just something new and different and totally positive…  🙂


Andrew Anderson