OK, day number 3 and Coke has still not fixed the graphics error on their main Webpage.  It is like Dudes, get you act together over there! I am rooting for you and all, but as I was speaking with one of my good friends the other day and I asked,  has incompetence become a virus?


It seems like just basic competence at one’s job is a rarity and not the norm any longer. From things like this at major companies to all of the idiots in Washington, to the Midas Muffler shop down the street that gave me a $400 dollar estimate and wanted to charge me for a part that another one of their shops had put on not too long ago.  I ended up getting it fixed for $140 bucks elsewhere.   Jeeshe..

It seems like nobody knows how to even do their job at even a basic level of competence anymore. Do you know what I am talking about here?  Do you like shout with glee when you get decent service somewhere?

With Coke, perhaps they are not paying their people very much. Hey Coke, we can sign you up under a very reasonable contract and make sure silly stuff does not go unnoticed for several days at a time. Just use the contact page above. 🙂  I will make you a very reasonable offer.

On another note, I will be posting info about a really cool and useful tool to help keep you organized.  If it works for me, believe me it has to be good.

Yes, I will be watching for the Coke Website Error again tomorrow.  Really, how long do you think it will take them to fix it?

Have a profitable day!


Andrew Anderson

Profit Consultant