A Quick Profit Within The Next 2 Weeks

I would like to show you a simple  proven way to to give your business a nearly instant increase in profits and the marketing strategy that we use is as close to turn-key as it gets.  It is easy to use and can be implemented in just a couple of hours after we set it […]

Profit Consulting

Profit Consulting, what the heck is that? Well Profit Consulting is one of those terms that actually means what it says at least it does here at 21to21.com.  We consult with companies and individuals and help them make more Profit, i.e. money.  Pretty simple actually. Profit Consulting is directly measurable in its effectiveness by turning […]

Google Reader

Here I go talking about myself in 3rd person again, but here is another tool from Anderson’s Arsenal and it is called Google Reader. What is does is that it allows you to snag all of your favorite blogs and put them in one page so that you can catch the posts.  I only subscribe […]

WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE? “Questions To Ponder”

What is your message or hook that will stop people in their tracks?   Does this one I put on a bus work? Do you have one that you can tell people in just 20 seconds or less. Ours goes something like this.  “Would you like to be shown how to make more money in your […]

Is Your Marketing Message This Clear?

Do you have any doubt about what they do or what they are selling? If you read my previous post below, I saw their advertisement on the side of a building and had to stop my car and take a picture. And while their site is a little cludgey www.petpeepee.com you still know exactly what […]

We Are Not For Everyone, Nor Should You Be

Just wanted to point out a couple of things.  21to21.com and the products and services we provide are not for everyone. This also is a lesson for you in that you do not ever want to be all things to all people because if you go after them all, you will get none. I think […]

Words And Phrases That Sell

Just 1 Phrase That Sells is all that it takes. Often times that is it, just 1. So, here is the first installment of my Arsenal of tools that we use with our clients of Phrases That Sell. There are actually over 500 and I have seen books with over 10,000 but honestly, stick with […]

The Best Investment Vehicle (emissions free)

This post is from a new course called  “Investing In Small Businesses -The Best Investment Ever Invented” and I wanted to share parts and pieces of it with you. The reason why I am sharing it with you is that this includes putting money into your own company as well.  As a Profit Consultant, I […]

Words And Phrases That Sell

Updated July 10, 2009  More New Phrases and Words! Phrases That Sell – Download Them Here And Why You Should Have Them Phrases that Sell…hmmm .  Were you aware that you only need 1 Phrase to sell your customer?  And that by choosing just the right set of words you get not just words but […]

How 21to21.com Guarantees Profits

Well for some time now I have wrestled with having a public version of the blog and I have come to the conclusion that if I can save just one person from the grief of the metaphoric skinned knee, then so be it.  So I will be making most of my customers only blog available […]