Profit Consulting, what the heck is that? Well Profit Consulting is one of those terms that actually means what it says at least it does here at  We consult with companies and individuals and help them make more Profit, i.e. money.  Pretty simple actually.

Profit Consulting is directly measurable in its effectiveness by turning red into black on the balance sheet which in turn, is all about green.  Which in case you did not notice is what our logo is all about.

In the case of any decent Profit Consulting Firm, they should have a money back guarantee if their systems don’t work.  At least any consulting firm that is worth their salt or fees as it were.  Which with the dollar dropping like a rock, being paid in salt like in Roman Times which is where the word “Salary” comes from might not be such a bad idea.

But basically, when we do Profit Consulting we work with our clients to improve their sales,  bottom line, or preferably both by implementing strategies for marketing, managing, and running a business.  Depending on the client this can be as simple as implementing one of our proprietary sales systems or going through and running a diagnostic on the whole company or individual divisions or processes.  We have models of high performance companies and individuals in which to base our findings.   Sometimes we are just brought in to figure out what is going right and wrong and then leave it at that.  But I feel that real Profit Consulting comes in when we have free reign to implement systems that we know work to increase sales and profits and then we get paid based upon those results.

That is the short definition of what I  feel the best of Profit Consulting is all about.

Fast Money

One of the great things about this business is that conventional wisdom for some idiotic reasons which are usually perpetuated by idiots eschews quick profits.  Well if you do it right, the profits and sales do come around pretty quickly.  (See Post Below)

I for one have never been fond of slow profits per say…. not that we won’t take them, but we have found the quicker profits usually lead to more of the same while everyone else is waiting, you can be way ahead of your competition and on to the next profit making project.  Speed of implementation is one of the keys to increased profits we have found.   Those companies that can change their course on a dime to stay ahead of ever changing market conditions do well and those that don’t are going out of business in droves.

Pretty easy choice to make in my book.  Profit Consulting 101.


Andrew Anderson