Gene Simmons Of Kiss On Marketing

Gene Simmons Of Kiss On Marketing Ok, if you have only watched Gene Simmons of KISS on the Apprentice or Family Jewels listen to this interview. It is a treat. This is shows why Gene is the smartest guy in entertainment. Did you know that Kiss¬† has more license agreements than the Beatles?¬† It have […]

Kodak, Trump, Blows IT Again -Gene Simmons Come Back

Kodak Should Have Been Fired For The Second Time

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In last night’s Trump’s Celebrity Challenge with Kodak, the Kodak executives proved yet again why their sales are tanking. In the last show they also failed to pick a really good presentation by none other than Gene Simmons of Kiss, which blew away the competition. By every marketing standard Gene Simmons was by far the best of any of the people Donald Trump has brought on. Gene Simmons is one of the top marketers in the world today and has a very successful PR firm. More on him in another post.