Kodak Should Have Been Fired For The Second Time

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In last night’s Trump’s Celebrity Challenge with Kodak, the Kodak executives proved yet again why their sales are tanking.  In the last show they also failed to pick a really good presentation by none other than Gene Simmons of Kiss, which blew away the competition.  By every marketing standard Gene Simmons was by far the best of any of the people Donald Trump has brought on.  Gene Simmons is one of the top marketers in the world today and has a very successful PR firm.  More on him in another post.  But, did you know that Kiss has more licensed products than any other band in the World?

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If you saw the show with Gene Simmons, the same thing happened with this show. But, I am not surprised, as you have a culture of ineptness and people that don’t understand marketing basics at Kodak.  Kodak is clueless for sure.

They were focusing on the wrong thing.  Just to recap. The power kept going out at the woman’s display of products and inside it was a mess as everyone was trying to find their pictures. They were trying to print them off for everyone as people came inside and took pictures with the Celebrities.  Kodak wanted someone shilling some products which for the most part was a very minor issue. Doubt if they made any sales. They had Sharron Osborne that was sick, coughing on the food they were handing 0ut.  Cool!  Can you say the Kodak flu?

I did think that Cyndi Lauper did great though.  She is definitely someone that I think gets Common Sense Marketing.

The guys led by Sinbad, Bill Goldberg, Darryl Strawberry, Bret Michaels, Rod Blogojevich, Curtis Stone, and Michael Johnson were plugged into the internet and doing the same thing but were sending people to Kodak’s Internet site to get their pictures.

Let me explain why for this alone they should have one and also why Kodak and many other big business do not get the Internet.  By doing this, they can get those people to “sign in” and then send them add them to their marketing list and give them expose those people to all kinds of Kodak products and server.  Also because those people can see the pix they took with the guys, it can go viral and they can share them with the friends and say “hey, go here and look at my pic with a link to the Kodak site”.

That is unfortunately Kodak has lost tons of market share and their stock price has tanked.  They are are Dinosaurs that are squandering one opportunity after another and what was once a great brand.

Now what also happened was the guy’s  power did not go down and they did not the hold up the whole picture process inside and create a bottle neck because they sent people to get the pictures online.  I would guess they probably had three to four times the people go through and get a a Kodak moment with the guys over the girls.  Do you think that Kodak had anyone measuring the metric. No, of course not.

The guys layout was much better too and they ran through a lot more people.  Darryl Strawberry did his part as did all of the rest of the guys. The people there seemed to be having a much better experience.   The graphics were much more enticing from a visual standpoint as well.  Over all, they did a noticeably better job for sure.

Common Sense Marketing was not evident in Kodak’s pick for sure.   Just goes to show you that you can clean the clocks of large companies that don’t get basic Common Sense Marketing if you use it.  Actually it does not matter who your competition is, Common Sense Marketing rules…. if you use it.

Now Donald Trump will gladly sit back and take Kodak’s money but, I am sure he is laughing all the way to the bank on this one.

What do you think?   Who should have been fired? The Girls, the Guys, or Kodak?  You can pick 2.

Let me know what you think.
Cheers, Andrew

PS No editors have seen this yet.. 🙂