Visual Dictionary

Here is a pretty cool new tool that you may not have seen before. It is a visual dictionary and it is pretty darn good actually. It is much better than the one you have to pay for online. You will have to move the bar over to the the right, but try typing in ” Capitalist” in and see what happens. Then hover you mouse over the words.

They also have a Thesaurus.

Here is a direct link.

SEO Tips And Tricks… Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

goldeggSEO Tips And Tricks… Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

I have been playing with SEO since it first came into being and had I known how big a deal it would become, I would be worth a lot more zeros. Since about 2004, I have had several search terms on the front page of Google and Yahoo non-stop. I just blithely used my skill set to promote whatever project I was working on and never thought to make a business out of those skills.

Well, while I use these skills with my clients and on my own sites, I have never seen the value of posting them all or giving them away. This is because they are the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs 24/7. Duhh.. But I am going to share some of them with you here.

Get 21% More Done Each Day

Here is a tool that I have been using for sometime now.  It is mind-blowing how much simpler staying organized is.  It is great for everyday use as well as for project management, keeping your accounting in order, and just making your life easier. Plus, you never have to forget anything ever again.   If you […]

Real Time Collaboration For FREE

Here is another profit making tool from Anderson’s Arsenal.  It is called Twiddla.  It allows you to collaborate with anyone on the net. You can share files, look at websites together, draw on a white board and more, plus you can have a live audio chat too.  It works with every web browser that we […]

Google Reader

Here I go talking about myself in 3rd person again, but here is another tool from Anderson’s Arsenal and it is called Google Reader. What is does is that it allows you to snag all of your favorite blogs and put them in one page so that you can catch the posts.  I only subscribe […]

Words And Phrases That Sell

Just 1 Phrase That Sells is all that it takes. Often times that is it, just 1. So, here is the first installment of my Arsenal of tools that we use with our clients of Phrases That Sell. There are actually over 500 and I have seen books with over 10,000 but honestly, stick with […]

Words And Phrases That Sell

Updated July 10, 2009  More New Phrases and Words! Phrases That Sell – Download Them Here And Why You Should Have Them Phrases that Sell…hmmm .  Were you aware that you only need 1 Phrase to sell your customer?  And that by choosing just the right set of words you get not just words but […]