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I have been playing with SEO since it first came into being and had I known how big a deal it would become, I would be worth a lot more zeros.  Since about 2004, I have had several search terms on the front page of Google and Yahoo non-stop.   I just blithely used my skill set to promote whatever project I was working on and never thought to make a business out of those skills.

Well, while I use these skills with my clients and on my own sites, I have never seen the value of posting them all or giving them away.  This is because they are the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs 24/7.  Duhh..  But I am going to share some of them with you here.

But that is not so say that there are not some basics that you should be doing that the vast majority of people do not do.

Here is one of them for those of you that use WordPress or Blogs.  If you do not have a Blog for your business, go get one right now.  Having one is essential and when you get one, use WordPress.   It far and away the new standard and has some really cool features. If you don’t know how to install it, give us a shout and we will do it for your for only $99 bucks.  So, now you can’t say you can’t afford it either.

As I mentioned in the 12 Website Tips, I am redoing this site this month and actually implementing all of my best practices  in it.  This is because I finally got tired of clients telling me what a great job I have done with their sites or SEO and then in the same breath, busting my chops about why 21to21 was a Red Headed step-child that looked like it got beaten with a very large stick.  That and they convinced me that I was doing a disservice to myself and other people that needed help that might just take one look at the site and end up with someone a whole lot less competent that charged them 5 times as much.   Hey, I can take a hint.

Anyway that reason I say that is because I have not implemented all of the cool SEO stuff on here yet but I did want to point out a couple of basics that you can do right now.

OK, so you now have your WordPress Blog up and running or your are contacting us to get things set up and optimized for you.  One of the things that you need to pay attention to is your Tags.  Those at the words down below there that you see at the bottom of the post.  They are Anderson’s Arsenal, SEO, and Tags.  They really do matter with search and give people and search engines help when trying to find relevant content.   I saw one of the so called SEO Gurus a couple of weeks ago suddenly proclaim that tags matter.   Well, no shit Dick Tracey… You are just now getting clued into that fact?  LOL

So, make sure that you use good tags and another biggie is the Titles of your posts.  Do not be afraid to make them as long as you need to and make sure they are relevant to a search.   While you are at it, they should be eye catching.

I will also leave you with a bit more food for thought as well.  While you do not have to be caught up in the latest craze with Social Media, if they are used correctly as another tool, they can help knock the socks off of your SEO when used right.  So make sure you are signed up for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (which I truly think needs a major overhaul) and Myspace.  I would also make use of Mashable and Digg too.  I will discuss these at length later in  a post and go over them in my book, Quit Your Job On Monday which I hope to have out soon.

I am also going to show you some other tips that I have not seen anyone else doing either.   But here is one of the biggest SEO tricks of them all and to find out what I am talking about highlight the space between the lines to find out one of the the best SEO tips ever.


Good content trumps every SEO trick in the Book.  DUHHH…   Regardless of some of the SEO hacks try and tell you, good content trumps everything when it comes to SEO.  Just know what you are talking about, make it informative and useful.  Believe it or not, both Google and Yahoo and even Bing to some extent can and does recognize good content.   Think about it.  If they don’t send you to places where you can find good answers to your searches, you will use another search engine.  So this is simple Capitalism at its best!   Yea… so go write some good content.


I will chat with you later.  Have a profitable and totally awesome weekend!


Andrew Anderson