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menu massive online profits www.21to21.comHere is a listing of our products and services from which you may order complete packages or a’ la carte

Our Special Today is “Massive Online Profits For Your Business”

Whether you are a brick and mortar company or a virtual one, we can show you how to get your profits expanding for your online operations.

We don’t just build Website / Blogs, or help with SEO / Traffic, we can help you gain freedom to do the things you have always wanted to do.  Spend less time working at online business while making a lot more money.

With 21to21.com, you can order as little or as much as you like of our services.  We will even cook up something special just to suit your needs.  In fact, we specialize in creating that unique, special something.

Take a look at our menu and if you don’t see what you want, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Cheers, Andrew Anderson


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SEO And Traffic

SEO and Traffic services like you have never seen before. We deliver results, not hype.

Today, you have to include Social Media into the mix as well.

You need people to get your site on their screen. We show you how to do that with innovative new ways, as well as some  forgotten, common sense old ways.  Go here to get more information and see a demonstration of what we can do.

You simply cannot afford not to take a look. That is unless you already have too many customers.


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Is Your Website Or Blog Kind Of Old And Outdated, Or Perhaps You Just Need A New One?

Website / Blog Design, Build And Maintenance

Prices for a basic Blog/Website setup start at only $99 to complete Online Business Platforms with maximized  SEO built right into the site. Contact us for more pricing and options to fit your needs.  You can see our Web packages on our SEO/Traffic page.


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Virtual Assitants and Transcription at www.YakWrite.comTranscription And Virtual Assistant Services – How To Increase Your Output And Profits By 40% Overnight

Would you like to increase how much you get done and your profit by 40% overnight?  Here is how you do that. Hire a Virtual Assistant and use Transcription services.  Think about it, you can pay someone to do all of the busy work that you are doing now and free you up to do the things that actually make you money!

The same goes with typing.  Can you really type 133 words per minute for hours on end?  No?  Well there are people that love to do that.  And you can get a whole hour of talking, which is typically between 7,000 and 10,000 words per minute typed up for just $19.99.   That is over 20 blog posts, a dozen letters, or updates to your Website or Blog.  It could also be an interview that you turn into a product or even a book!

Transcription starting at only $19.99 per Audio hour and Virtual Assistants Trial at $49 for 7 hours.  Once you try them, you won’t know how you got by without them.  Go here to get started. Our VA’s are well trained and can perform virtually any task a regular assistant can.[/subbox]

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Sales, Marketing, Strategic Business Building,  Online Profit Blueprints

If you are putting together a new product, services, Website/Blog, re-branding your company, or just want your business to start making a lot more money online, then we can assist you. You get to take advantage of over 20 years of online business building knowledge all packed in one place that can help you explode your profits.

Call us at 307/459-1092.  You can also use this form below to send us a note right now.  And one more option, if you look down to your left in the corner, you can do a live chat with us or leave us a note there too.

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