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How To Fix The Economy Overnight

Blatz Beer And Profits

OK, well, I thought that I would throw that pic in there just because they were advertising to a very niche market and you know what? It actually worked.  Right up until the busy body whack jobs imposed the prohibition.  Kind of like the anti-smoking, anti everything elitists idiots now. 🙂  I will show you how to make money from this fact as well as other herd mentality tid-bits.  Plus, just some other random Profit ideas for you to think about.

Now you may be asking yourself, what the heck does that have to do with Profits Everywhere and are easier now then ever before?

And what about “How To Fix The Economy Overnight” ?

Just a note, beer is actually good for you by the way. 🙂

It is can be distilled down to one simple word?  Chaos!

If you are like me, you have probably realized that the patients have taken over the asylum.  The idiots are in charge and the stuff the politicians and special interest groups are making happen, is beyond anything that you could ever make up.  Well, there are a number of people that saw this coming, but that is another story.

But, I think you will agree we have some bizarre things going on.  While any Single Working Mom that is supporting herself and her kids  could go to Washington and solve the whole debt crisis and get things straightened out in 3 days, we have some first grade whankers in charge that don’t have a freakin clue or care about the damage they are doing.(again with very few exceptions) You know why? Because they honestly do not care about you.  Not really. It is one big money and power grab pure and as you can see, they do not care if they ruin the country and hurt millions of people in the processes.  If they did, they would not be doing what they are doing would they?.  They truly are out of control like never before.

How To Fix The Economy Overnight

If they opened up drilling on half of what we have in the US. Gasoline would drop by $1.00 per gallon and the economy would turn around overnight.  It puts money in every-one’s pocket, things cost less, and the money stays in the US.  Wouldn’t you like to save a buck a gallon on gas?  You could be virtually overnight.  In case you did not know it, the US has more oil and natural gas reserves than all of the Mid-East. But over 90% has been put off limits by the Federal and State Government.  Did you know that?

The Debt Crisis Is Not Solved, But That Is OK

They still just got an extra 2.1 trillion to spend, they still get an 8% increase in the budget next year and the year after and no money will actually be cut. Things are going to get worse. That is the bottom line.  They are purposely driving the economy off the cliff which is what Saul Alinsky said to do, of which most of the executive branch are all followers.  Google it if you don’t believe me.  Do you remember the term “Fundamental Change”  well you are witnessing it.  Kind of not what you expected I bet is it?

I am not going off on a rant here, just pointing out reality is all so that you can profit from it.  If it weren’t for the fact that so many families and people are getting ruined by what they are doing on purpose in DC, I would be almost happy about it.

The end result is Chaos, the likes of which we have not seen since before the great depression.  Inflation is at about 20% right now, and they are printing money as fast as they can which is eroding any savings that you have but, making commodities go up. i.e. grain, gas, iron, tin, gold, silver. Basically things that are used to make things that you need to live.  There is a reason why gold and silver has never been higher!  The REAL unemployment numbers are close to 20% as well. They don’t count people that are unemployed after their unemployment runs out.  Really?

How You Can Make Money From The Idiots In Charge

Well, while everyone is panicking, figure out what you can do to help them save time or money and prove it.  Or give them something entertaining.  More people are checking out now than ever before because of all of the stress.

During the great Depression, people had money for Movies, booze, and alcohol.  No different now except there are a bunch of alternatives to the movies.

Which is why if you have a great product or service, it perhaps is the best time to roll it out.  Do it now while everyone is panicking.

Mark my words on this, The Stupidity is just now really starting to kick in.  Expect it, plan for it, profit from it.


Andrew Anderson

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  1. I wanted to add a couple more things to think about. If you have a J O B now is a good time to think about starting a up another business while you still have a life line.  Quit watching TV, do your homework, figure out a product or service that you thing would sell, put together a Website (only use WordPress) and get it out there.  Even if you can add a couple of hundred extra per month, it could end up making a difference.

    I will be showing you some step-by-step processes on how to get the ball rolling if you are just starting out as well as how to ramp up your business online.


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