Texting Makes You Stupid And Costs You Money

OK,  my friend’s 15 year old daughter Megan said this to me awhile ago and I realize how wise she is every day.

If you run a business, this is especially true. In Tony Schwartz’s book, The Power Of Full Engagement, he shows several studies that when you get interrupted by things like texts and emails that it takes you a full 20 minutes to get back to the mental focus that you had before you stopped what you were doing to check the text, email, im etc. Wow, does that suck or what?

Not only that, specifically when you are texting, because of the brevity, important details are often lost and misunderstandings occur on a regular basis.

How Much Texts Really Cost You

I am in the process of quantifying this, but in the studies I am doing right now with a couple of guinea pigs, each text looks like it costs somewhere between $20 to $300 in actual lost revenue and this is harder to quantify, but it could be over $500 to $1,000+ in lost opportunity costs.  Pretty cool!

How does that make you feel?

So, do yourself and your business a favor, and stop texting unless it is a freaking emergency. Because it does make you stupid even if you are not and it does hurt your bottom line whether you realize it or not.

Plus, if you really have to answer texts all day, you really need to rearrange how you are running your business. If you can’t disengage, you don’t have a business, you just have a job.

If I don’t answer your text, now you know why. 🙂


Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson

Profit Consultant