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Atlas Shrugged The Movie

Well OK, this is a first.  As a regular reader, you may know like most sane business people, I am a fan of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and think it should be required reading for all high School Students in their Senior year as well as all Politicians.  If so, we would not be in the mess that Ayn Rand the author so accurately predicted over 50 years ago.

The book is over 1,200 pages and I am not sure one page can be removed without altering the book.  Perhaps some would say Galt’s speech, but after about my 5th read through, not even that.

If you have never read it, by all means do so.  This is the one book only second to the Bible that people say has changed their lives.

Which brings me to the movie. Imagine trying to show the whole Bible in an hour and a half and not leave out any important parts…

Well you can’t do it and neither can you with Atlas Shrugged.

I actually walked out of the movie at most the 15 minute mark although it may have been less than 1o.  It was really that bad.  From them changing the way the main characters looked and are portrayed to the actual dialogue.

The acting is bad, the script is bad, the production looks lower than a soap opera on a bad day.  What can I say, it just plain sucked.

I really wanted to like it, but do not go see this movie if you want to find out what Atlas Shrugged is about or you are already a fan.  You will not be a happy camper.

Since I love Popcorn I am going to Use the 10 Popcorn Kernel rating with 10 kernels being the highest. I would have to give Atlas Shrugged The Movie, just 1 kernel that failed to pop. It did not even make it to the old maid stage.

Go buy the book or listen to the unabridged audio version of Atlas Shrugged. It is well worth it and you will never look at business or government the same way again, but do not waste your time seeing the movie.

Andrew Anderson

PS  John Galt lives…

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    1. LOL… It took me a whole day to get through it the first time… had to stop and start so many times.. 🙂

  1. No no do not listen to this guy.  The writing and the production could be better but see the movie for the understnding of Rands prophetic understand of capitolism breaking down and going socialist.  Taking the insentive to work, produce and be creative.  It would be nice for this movie to profit enough to make the 2nd movie of the trilogy.  Hopefuly the writing and production will improve.  also the lighting in the movie is dull unless the projectionist at the theater I had gone to screwed up and needed to replace a bulb.
    Dr. G

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