I have seen a lot said about the science of buying, heard PR firms, Advertising Agencies, pundits galore, along with every Tom, Dick, and Harriet out there discuss the psychology of buying and yet, not heard it broken down into these two simple truths in quite this way before.

Only Two Reasons

I have distilled this from many conversations with world-renowned performance expert and author Marilyne Woodsmall, who has written several books on human modeling and human behavior, with the latest being “Personality Language” ™  How To Persuade And Influence Virtually Anyone” which is available on Amazon or from

The only two reasons that anyone buys anything are these.

  1. To move toward pleasure
  2. Move away from pain

All purchases stem from one of these motivations.  The kicker is that some people are more inclined toward one and not the other.

Did you know that there is a way to write copy that will appeal to and target a person that leans toward each of these motivations?

Looking forward to your comments.


PS  Click on the map pins.  I just typed these to words in and this is what Google came up with.  🙂