Here is another rookie mistake that I saw live in the morning.  Anderson’s PR Rule #1  Always now and control the outcome you want before you go on national TV.

I meant to comment on this in the other video as well.  And as you can see this is definitely not how you want things to go.

The solution to this of course was to just have them taste the Old and the New or at least have them know what the Old tasted like.  This is in conjunction with what I feel is the disaster that awaits them on December 27th.  Come on guys, you are getting paid big bucks here. You should not be making basic rookie mistakes like this one.  🙂  But, I guess we can all have a bad day.

OK, so for the rest of you what is the lesson here?  If you get on TV and it is actually easier than you think and actually I will give you some tips on how to do that, make sure that you control what is going to happen.  Although, I am pretty sure Domino’s shelled out some big bucks for the spot above.

Figure out the exact outcome that you want before you go on the air and then only set it up so that it can come out that way.  Got it?

You want the table slanted completely in your favor. And once you get on the air, they are not going to cut you off so just make sure you get your information out in a favorable manner.  Although the poor dude did the best he could to salvage a poorly set up PR move.

And I just got some fresh feedback from one of the Domino’s Franchisee’s that are already using the new recipe. He said that it was a pretty mixed bag on whether people liked the new pizzas.  He  said that quite a few people thought it was too spicy since they went from a black pepper sauce to a red pepper one.  He said to try the Marinara.

Now here again as I said in my previous post.  It does not matter how good the new pizzas are, they have a very good chance of alienating 65% of their customer base just by the very fact that they changed their whole pizza and are not giving people the chance to get the “Classic” Domino’s Pizza.

And yes, just think about the Coke fiasco.  There is a great piece on that at

So, think about this the next time you want to try something brand spanking new.

Here is a little secret. Don’t change your main product, simply add your new one and keep the old one.  This will actually have an appeal to a different type of People that have a another type of  Personality Language Pattern.   It is about Options and Procedures and you can actually have a very good chance of adding new customers this way.

Let me know what you think as always.  It is going to be fun to watch this play out here with these guys.  Here is the kicker, I know that a client of the Woodsmall’s or myself would not be making these mistakes.  It is just a lack of knowledge and understanding how customers think.  Again, if you have not purchased a copy of Personality Language, I suggest you do so.  It can save you a lot of time and money.


Andrew Anderson

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  1. I just had their “new” pizza. Hate it. The reason I go to dominos is because I like their pizza, no matter how many people say it’s bad. It’s about a matter of taste. I for one cannot stand an oily crust, which is why I can’t stand pizza hut. Now, their “new” pizza has an oily crust. I don’t care for the taste of their “new” cheese and sauce as well. I’ve been going to dominos for 20 years. I always went there because their crust was not oily or greasy and they did not skimp on the cheese and toppings. Guess I’m not going there any more. Sad.

  2. Greg

    You just spoke for millions of their now “OLD Customers”. I actually liked the “Classic” LOL version of their Pizza too.

    That is why the odds or so stacked against them it is not even funny. They are playing with the chance of losing well over 30% to 65% of their regular “OLD” customers.

    If they are lucky, they might pick 7% to 15% NEW customers.

    My prediction is that sales may spike up for about 2 seconds if at all and then they will go down as their current customers try the “NEW” pizza and they become “OLD” clients.

    Andrew Anderson

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