Day 14 of the Coke Web Error

Enough said about Coke and their stupid web page gaffe.  Jeeze Louis, is anybody awake over there?  Apparently they are going for the record on Werrors.  🙂

Get 21% More Done Each Day

Here is a tool that I have been using for sometime now.  It is mind-blowing how much simpler staying organized is.  It is great for everyday use as well as for project management, keeping your accounting in order, and just making your life easier. Plus, you never have to forget anything ever again.   If you […]

Coke Werror Day 11

Coke still has not fixed the werror on their main page….  Never would have thought it would have taken this long did you?

Coke Werror Day 9 And Counting

I think that I am going to quit doing a daily update on the whole Coke werror and just let you know when or if they ever get it fixed.  Coke still bubbles on…   🙂

Day 8 Of The Coke Werror…. Geeshe..

OK, I am getting bored here posting about this now.  Can someone explain to me how a major company can have an werror on the main Web page for at least 8 days?  This could have been like this for weeks or months for all I know. Now I don’t want to fling stones here […]

Day 7 Coke Werror

Werror still on main Coke site.  OK, looks like they might not ever fix it…. Coke, it is the real thing.  🙂

Coke and Warren Buffet Day 5

Day 5 of the Coke and Warren Buffet Werror (web error) saga.  Well, I have still not heard from either Warren Buffet or Coke dang it and they still have a werror on their main page.  🙂