Warning – 2.8 WordPress Has Issues, Do Not Upgrade If You Need Your Blog In The Next Few Days…

If you have a WordPress Blog, do not upgrade to version 2.8 if you need it any time soon.  There are some serious issues with this upgrade that need to be resolved.  The Admin panel may not work properly and you might not be able to ad or edit posts among other known issues just for starters.

Those guys are usually great about upgrades, but this version has some serious problems.  Hopefully they will get it fixed shortly.

There are also numerous problems with Plugins.   Do not even attempt an upgrade until you have backed up your site.  This upgrade can take you completely down.

If you did upgrade and your site is hosed, go in (if you can) to admin and deactivate all of your Plugins.  And that should at least get your edit capabilities back up.  But more than likely, you may have to manually downgrade to 2.7 to get your site working properly.  I will see if I can get a post up tomorrow on this.

If you are running 2.7 go down to tools and use the export tool.  This will at least give you all of your blog posts in a zip file you can save and reload if you have to.  Do this once a week at least.

Hopefully someone will post a script to revert to the old version, because 2.8 is blowing up thousands of sites.

Good Luck, you will need it if you are upgrading.  But if  you don’t have to, do yourself a favor and wait for at least a couple of weeks and check the forums for the all clear.   In the meantime, you can check out the issues here http://wordpress.org/support/forum/2

Some people have upgraded without issues.  But if you do not have to don’t.   Spend the time you would spend on fixing your site on marketing instead.  It will be a better use of your time.

Here is a link to download version 2.7.1 if you need to do a manual install.  Click Here. or here..not sure how I got the line through it.  🙂



Andrew Anderson

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  1. They ought to be hung from the nearest tree for putting out such a piece of junk and then sitting on their butts and doing nothing about it. What idiots.

  2. It should have never been released. Supposedly 2.8.1 will fix some of the issues. In the meantime, do not go past 2.7.1 if you want site integrity.

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