Profitable Website/Blog Blueprint For 2010

Here is my quick blueprint for Websites/Blogs for 2010. The reason why I put this in here is because I have been reminded over the past few days that there are still a lot of people out there still don’t have a Website or a Blog or both. Even if they do, they do not have all of the components that you need. Reminded is actually more like been beaten over the head with this fact.

Having worked with Joomla, Drupal, Dolphin, straight HTML and PHP sites, I have to say that
WordPress as of right now is the only base for an online business that I can in good conscious recommend.

Nothing else has the flexibility of look, feel, and function that WordPress does along with ease of use and content management by people with ZERO experience or tech skills.

It is not perfect but, it is head and shoulders above the other options.

This is the bare minimum you are going to need for a successful online business in 2010.

Yes, this is a fun little MindMap from which I did a post on a bit back.

Go ahead and play with it using your mouse an scroll button.