Relationships And Your Business Or Muse – Prepare Yourself And Your Mate

So, you have decided that you want to break out of the mold and start your own Business or Muse ( i.e. The 4 Hour Workweek)? Perhaps you have been forced to because your Job sucks or you were laid off and now you are going to start you Muse and take a shot at going from the 50 hour workweek and shoot for the 4 hour workweek? Well, while most people prepare and plan for their business, they don’t plan for what this is going to do for their relationships with the people they care for and love, or even like. I have to add, even the ones that you don’t like. 🙂

In navigating several start-ups, I was not prepared for the dramatic change that transpires with the people you know once you decide to embark on the journey to start your own business.