Coke Has A Web Error For 20 Days And Counting

Coke has now had the error on their web page or as I call it, werror, on their page for 20 days now and counting.  Is it the end of the world?  No….  Is it a rather silly thing for a multi-billion dollar company to have something like this going on for that long? You […]

Coke Werror Day 11

Coke still has not fixed the werror on their main page….  Never would have thought it would have taken this long did you?

Coke Werror (Web Error) Day Number 4

Coke has still not fixed their Werror on day number 4.  Do you think that they think it is some new cool design?  🙂 I just coined a new term “Werror” for Web Error.  Do you think it will stick? And yes, I will get the other tool video up later today or this evening.