SEO And Traffic Products And Services

crowdAs you may have gathered by now if you have spent anytime on this site, does things differently.  And publishing my SEO pricing is just one more thing you can add to the list.

I am not sure why most companies for some reason do not publish their SEO Services pricing.  Perhaps because of sticker shock.  Well, I would rather be upfront with you and let you know what these great services are going to cost you rather than try and hide them.  Why not, they are worth every penny and a whole lot more.  While I am not the least inexpensive, neither am I the most expensive by far.  In fact my pricing structure is probably in the lower 25% of SEO costs for what we deliver.

SEO And Traffic Are Not Twins Normally

I also do not separate SEO and Traffic because while they are not the same, they should be approached together.  But then again I have a different philosophy than most.  If you have read the blog posts here and watched the videos, you know I use techniques and get results that you have probably not seen before.  I believe that SEO/Traffic/Marketing should all be systemic and had better work together.  Because if they don’t, you are blowing the better part of each one of them.

SEO, Traffic, and Marketing are best thought of and executed together.   When done this way, there is a multiplying effect that you will never realize when approached separately.  But then again, that is just something else that I do differently.  I use common sense.

icebergAlthough I am often copied as soon as I show one of my techniques in public, like an iceberg,  you see less than 10% and over 90% of what I do I keep to myself and to my clients.  And for good reason.  It is too valuable to give away.  I would be stupid to do so.  But then again, what I offer for free is often better than what you can pay thousands of dollars for elsewhere.

More Than SEO

I am not a full on SEO firm.  Why?  Because there is far more money to be made using the techniques and systems that I have developed with my partners in selling our own products. In fact, we concentrate 90% of our time on selling our own products.  Think about it.  If the SEO company is really that good, why not use what they do to sell their own products and make a boatload of money?

While I do SEO work for others to make money, primarily I use it to test and try out our systems so that I can figure out what works best and use it.  I  like to call our customers Test Rabbits.  Because I want to push to failure and success as fast as possible.  By having hundreds of tests going on at any given time to keep up with the ever changing vagaries of the search engines,  I benefit as well as all of my customers.   I  then apply that information to SEO for our own products and clean house.

That is why we can often be 1/4 to 1/10th the price of other SEO services for some of the services we provide.

The one other big difference again, I don’t do just SEO without working on getting traffic to your site as well.  Why? Because you can have great SEO and still have very little traffic.  So I do both SEO and go after getting your site targeted traffic.

Do not count on overnight success. Good SEO and Traffic building campaigns can usually take  60 to 90 days to kick in, so you have to be patient and then they take regular maintenance to keep going.  Think of it as a romance, and not a one night stand.

1 Hour SEO/Traffic Consultation Is Free If You Are Not Totally Blown Away

I offer a 1 hour SEO/Traffic Consultation for only $99.   If you are not totally impressed, the consultation is free.Call 307-459-1092 for customized services or with any questions you might have. Right now, you can even save $50 on that. You can have a 1 hour consultation for only $49.00

Rates and services depend on the following:

The bottom line is that, just let us know your budget and we will custom design a package for you.

Service/Package A B C D
Site Review + Consulting $99 $249 $2,499 $4,900
Hands-On Editing of Pages/Code $249 $499 $10,000 $25,000
Manual Link Building Campaign $249 $999 $4,999 $9,000
1-Day SEO/ Traffic Training Seminar $2,400 $2,400 $2,400 $2,400
Keyword Research Package $100 $498 $1,200 $1,499
Viral Content Development + Marketing $499 $990 $9,000 $25,000
Complete Web Site/Blog Design, Development,SEO And Marketing Package $749 $1,499 $2,449 $9,800
Monthly Retainer for Ongoing SEO $199 $399 $799 to $12,499 $18,000
Local Search Package $1,499 with $299 monthly retainer
1 Hour SEO/Traffic Consultation. If You Are Not Blown Away, It Is Free, Period. $99.00
Social Media Starter Package Including Setup on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, And Several Other Social Media Hubs. Includes 1,000 Twitter Followers

The bottom line when done right SEO can add an enormous amount of money to your bottom line.  When you combine it from the beginning with specific traffic getting techniques, you will have a competitive edge.

Combine this with online and offline marketing that we can put together and you can dominate your niche.

If you would like a small demonstration of what  my team and I can do, watch these videos.  Are you getting these types of results currently?  And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be done for you.   I am sorry, but I have pulled down this series of videos.

They were too successful if you can believe it.   The results turned out to be so good that I felt that we could not make them publicly available anymore even though it resulted in voluntarily removing multiple first page Google listings.

But, I am glad to show you the results that I can get for your products.

The bottom line is that my customers and I can make far more money implementing these techniques than the value of sharing them publicly.

Which only goes to prove my point, if the SEO people are that good at what they do and charge $10,000 per month or more, why aren’t they selling their own products using their own techniques?  Kind of like the going to a Tarot Card reader who acts surprised you show up.  If you are that good, you should have seen me coming. 🙂  Yea, kind of like that.

Massive Online Profits Video #1

The first in a series of videos where I show you SEO Guerilla Marketing that you
can do right away and proof that the systems we constantly work and develop work.

Massive Online Profits With SEO Video #2
Proof In Less Than 24 Hours

In this video, we see the results in just 24 hours.

Massive Online Profits Video #3 – 32 hours later
and 7 First Page Google Listings

In this video I examine the results from our first video upload which
started only 32 hours earlier.  I think the results speak for themselves.
At last count, we found 5 other first Google Listings for modified terms.
But see for yourself.