A Profitable Membership from 21to21.com.

Part 1 is for our Membership Programs here on the site.

Part 2 is to get your own Membership Site. This is the pricing from the Free Video on ” The Easiest Fastest Way To Add 15% to 200%  Profit To Your Business In The Next Two Weeks”  If you have not seen it yet, Click Here.

Part 1

Here you can sign up for our different programs including or Free Trial Membership so that you can get the inside scoop on how you can easily and quickly increase your profits.  Plus, if you are looking to set up your own Membership Site, this is a good way to try them out.  This is our Copper Program and you can try it out for 14 days for Free and then it is only $9.95 per month after that.

You will get a sneak peek at the Pay Per View option that we have too.  Read more below


A Profitable Membership

Our monthly membership programs gives you access to tips, trick, and techniques that you can begin using right away to increase the profitability of your organization be it a Fortune 100 company or you own business that you are running out of your spare bedroom, or maybe not even your spare one.

It includes a monthly Webinar or Conference call that is sure to inform.  My guarantee is that every month, you will receive at least one executable  idea, technique, or trick if you will that will be worth 5 times what the cost of the whole year is. So if you do that math, 5 x 12 =60 times the investment of the membership each year.  Both are month-to-month and you can try either of them out for 14 day for just $1.00

Here is some of what we will cover.

Those are just some of what you will receive.   No matter how smart you are or how great of resources you have, you only need one new idea that you can execute to make 10’s of thousands of dollars.

21to21.com’s Silver Membership Try it out for $1.00 for 14 days and then it is only $27 per month.  You can stop at any time and there is no long-term commitment.  It also includes the Pay Per Play demo as well.  Not only that,  you get 50% off of any Full Support Membership Site Installation. It will also give you is an inside look at how our Membership Sites work and also give you access to the information that I only give our paying members.
$1 dollar 14 day trial of 21to21.com’s Silver Membership

21to21.com’s Gold Membership – $1 dollar for 14 days and then only $47 per month.  Plus  you get an upgrade at www.QuitYourJobOnMonday.com, along with a copy of the New Book, ” Personality Language” by Marilyne Woodsmall and Wyatt Woodsmall.  This is a true gem.  You can check it out over at www.TheScienceOfidiots.com.  Plus a bunch more other goodies including a Profit Conference call and/or a webcast.

$1 dollar 14 day trial of 21to21.com’s Gold Membership


Part 2

The 21to21.com Membership System

Includes complete installation and setup on your server. Both types include training and upgrades as long as you remain a member.

Professional Installation So That Everything Works!

* An Affiliate Program So That Other People and Your Own Members Can Sell Your Membership Service For You.

* An Automated Email Responder That Can Also Tie Into Your Existing Auto Responders.

* Virtually Unlimited Amount of Membership Levels, Each With Different Pricing And Content.

* The Ability To Schedule When Information Is Given To Each Member. So When Someone New Signs Up Today, They Will Not Be Given Access To All Of The Information At Once And Overwhelmed.

* The Ability To Have Pay Per View Content.

Gold Membership Site Installation

$149 Installation fee and $47 per month.

Gold Plus Membership Site Installation

$149 Installation fee and a percentage to be determined with a minimum of $20 per month with extra services. If mutual agreement on terms is not reached, your money will be promptly refunded.

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