Did you know that on average that it takes a bare minimum of about 7 times before she notices your ad or your presence? And then it can take on average 7 more times to be exposed to your product or service before she buys something for you?

So, that being said, what are you doing to repeatedly get in front of these potential customers and clients? Anything? Anything at all?

Profit Consultant 1st SuccessThis is important. You know why? Because the lifetime value of a customer can easily be dozens of times the initial purchase. One of my first mentors sold a $19 product and would pay out $36 to an affiliate for the sale. Why? Because he would make on average $834 from that customer in 2 years. That is profit, not gross. But, the only way you can do this is to keep in constant contact with your customers and by adding value to them.

Well, one of the ways you can get more value to and from your customer is through an auto-responder on your site. I have one up there in the right hand corner. You sign up and I give away some of my best info for free. No charge, nothing. And actually one of the best ways to do this is to give away a free report or truly valuable information about the problems your product or service solves.

Just in case you do not know what an Auto-Responder is, it automatically delivers emails in a series or as a news letter to people that sign up for it.

Do you have one on your site? If not, you need to get one! The service that I use has a 30 free trial! And as most of my regular readers know, I don’t use things that don’t work and this works better than iContact, AWeber and even MailChimp. Not only that, but the cost can be 1/10th of these others. Click Here to get your free 30 day trial. Yes, I am an affiliate of these guys and if you end up liking it and using it, I will make a couple of bucks.

But, I do eat my own dog food and would not be recommending it if it was not something that I would use. Try it out and let me know. Also, sign up for A Day In The Life and I will show you how to use your auto-responder to more effectively market your product and services.

Let me know how you like it.

Have a profitable day.