Scars On 45

Scars On 45 on Twitter
Scars On 45 on Twitter

I went to go see a band play last night called Scars On 45.  You may have heard them on Gray’s Anatomy and they have a couple of songs out now that you may be hearing on the radio. Well, I am letting you know now that you should plan on hearing a lot more of them over the coming years.  They have the ability to be a break out band.

The reason that I am writing about them today is that in chatting with Chris who is their Drummer slash Social Media manager, I told them that I would give them a hand with getting the word out and this is the first part in doing that. We are going to follow their Social Media popularity and hopefully we can show you how to crush your Social Media like we are going to for Scars On 45.

Here is one of their songs.

And this one…

So, what we are going to do here in the next month as a goal is quadruple their Twitter followers.  🙂

And then get those fans to help us get the word out about the great sound they have.  So make sure you go follow them on twitter at and you can follow and like them on Facebook @ and of course, here is their official Website

Below is where they stand on Facebook.  Make sure you like and follow them and follow us as we show you what Social Media can do.


Andrew “Easy” Anderson

Scars On 45 on Facebook