Transcription Services

Using A Transcription Service Makes You More Money

I get asked quite often what is the best way to easily add more to the bottom line and perhaps the easiest one of all is using a Transcriptionist instead of a typing things out yourself.

Why you might ask?  Well, it is because you already know how to talk and I bet you can’t type 100 words a minute.  Plus, you won’t make money when you are typing. You make money by doing whatever wonderful thing that you do that is unique and wonderful.

Think about this. The average person can speak 7,000 to 10,000 words per hour.  Bet you know some people that can blow those numbers away.  Some books only have 40,000 words in them.

So, in 4 or 5 hours you can get out the book you have always been thinking about writing! LOL

But really, it is about not wasting time on things that you are not good at and spending time on things that you are great at. That is how you make money.  It is not what they teach you in college or any type of schools for the most part. They always tell work on your weaknesses.


You let someone that is GREAT at the things you are weak at and concentrate on getting even better at what you are great at…  There are people that LOVE to do what you hate doing and they are faster and better at it than you can ever hope to be and they enjoy doing it.  So, why not let them?

Using transcription services is one of those things.  You can do blogs, letters, memo’s create products etc.  Talk for an hour and then let someone else spend hours typing it up and you move on to bigger and better things.

While normally transcription services run about $60 + per audio hour or $1.00 plus per minute of audio, you can get them for only $36 per audio hour or 60 cents per minute at .

How To Get 10 Minutes of Transcription For Free

Simply email info @ and put 21 in the subject line and they will tell you how to submit up to 10 minutes of Audio to be transcribed.  Hurry up though, there are only 20 of these being given away.  Once you try it, you will be amazed at how much easier it makes things for you. It will also free up a lot of time.

Andrew Anderson