Get 10 Minutes Of Transcription For Free!

Using A Transcription Service Makes You More Money I get asked quite often what is the best way to easily add more to the bottom line and perhaps the easiest one of all is using a Transcriptionist instead of a typing things out yourself. Why you might ask?  Well, it is because you already know […]

How I Took Out My Car And Computer In 5 Seconds! Beat That!

Well, it has been one of those weeks with Murphy in full force.    I managed to take out my computer and my car each in less than 5 seconds since this last weekend. While I knew it was possible,  I had just never done it myself.  While I was driving less than five mph, apparently […]

More Chaos To Come

More Chaos to come that is for sure.  In my previous post, I talked about how to come out ahead of the stupidity in DC.  Most of them are in denial and are not taking any of the blame for the Downgrade of the US Debt for the first time in History. They are spending […]

Chaos is Here And Profits Are Everywhere!

Profits Are Everywhere Plus…. How To Fix The Economy Overnight OK, well, I thought that I would throw that pic in there just because they were advertising to a very niche market and you know what? It actually worked.  Right up until the busy body whack jobs imposed the prohibition.  Kind of like the anti-smoking, […]