Lone Ranger Wasn’t Alone

Entrepreneur Mistakes 101

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One of the biggest mistakes I see Entrepreneurs make is that they think that they can go it alone.  Let me clue you in. That is just plain wrong!  If you want to really grow and hit your full potential you you need a Tonto. You need a side kick and if you are really smart, several of them.  Not only the more the merrier, but the more the money you will make! A partner in crime not only works with your business, but with you life as well. Things just go better when you can fill in each others gaps and watch your partner’s back.

But, many of us are control freaks by nature and like doing stuff our own way.  Get over it. It does not work well that way.

You cannot do it all by yourself.  The easiest and hardest way to do that is to snag a partner or two.  When it works, it works great, when it does not work so well, it sucks really, really bad.

Good partners are like finding a good mate. It can be hard but there are techniques that you can learn and ways to go about doing so.  You may get luck on the first try or it may take some dating to find just the right one.

The other way to find your side kick is to hire them. I have people that I pay via profit sharing, and I also use PVA or Pooled Virtual Assistants.   PVA’s are a term I coined in my book The Muse Blueprint and I created the term and implemented it because I needed back up. So, I created a pool of Virtual Assistants and would assign items to the pool, and someone would get it done, it someone was not available, I had someone else available to get it done.

So whether you hire and partner up with someone or better yet several someones, you should do so as soon as you can.  It can and will make a big difference in your success.


Andrew Anderson

Profit Consultant