Are You Looking For A Business To Become Involved In That Is Already Up And Running?

Perhaps it is you or you know someone that can help me find a partner for one of my niche virtual businesses.

I am looking to bring in a partner to run one of my virtual businesses. I currently slowed things down so that it only does a couple of hundred per month because I don’t have time to run it properly, but it should be doing $5,000 to $25,000+ per month.

Looking to bring in preferably a female partner that is detail orientated, has excellent management and communications skills, has good systems skills and is motivated on a 50/50 basis that will go to a 60/40% basis in your favor once you prove you can run it for me.  You must know Excel and Quickbooks, have a newer computer and a fast Internet connection. You can work from your home.

$1,500 gets a buy in and all profits go back to you until you get your buy in back.  I just need someone with skin in the game so that I know you are serious. I have had this since 2007. When ramped up, it could do $250,000 to $500,000 per year.

You have to be honest and fun to work with and be easy going.  I need less headaches and not more.  🙂  This is a very cool and fun business that just needs some TLC to make flourish again. I can ramp up sales again, but only if I have you!

If this sounds like you, please call 307-459-1092 .   If you now someone that might be interested, please pass this on.

Andrew Anderson