The Lone Ranger Wasn’t

Lone Ranger Wasn’t Alone Entrepreneur Mistakes 101 LikeTelevision Watch Movies and TV Shows One of the biggest mistakes I see Entrepreneurs make is that they think that they can go it alone.  Let me clue you in. That is just plain wrong!  If you want to really grow and hit your full potential you you […]

Looking For Partner For Ongoing Business

Are You Looking For A Business To Become Involved In That Is Already Up And Running? Perhaps it is you or you know someone that can help me find a partner for one of my niche virtual businesses. I am looking to bring in a partner to run one of my virtual businesses. I currently […]

Bad Video VS No Video

Bad Video VS No Video And The Winner Is… Cheers, Andrew Anderson Profit Consultant

Gene Simmons Of Kiss On Marketing

Gene Simmons Of Kiss On Marketing Ok, if you have only watched Gene Simmons of KISS on the Apprentice or Family Jewels listen to this interview. It is a treat. This is shows why Gene is the smartest guy in entertainment. Did you know that Kiss  has more license agreements than the Beatles?  It have […]

An Open Letter to Business People Who Want To Partner With Me

This was originally posted by Dave Albert I am totally re-posting it but he deserves all of the credit. I just so happen to agree with him and added a few more comments at the end. An Open Letter to Business People November 11, 2010 So you have an idea for a start up? […]


Profit Consultant 1st Success

Success Success is often talked about, but hardly ever truly explained in my opinion. I mean, like I want a blueprint that I can follow that has a darn good chance of working. Well, after much thought, interviews, being involved in successful and not successful ventures, here is what I believe it is boiled down […]