This is a topic that I get asked to help more with than any other by far. And even when it is a question about Marketing or Social Media, it all comes back to Websites and making money from them.

Let’s face it, 98% of the Websites out there are not configured correctly for Maximum profits, including this one to be perfectly honest. However, in the next six weeks I am going to be changing my site to reflect and show you how to squeeze every last penny out of your site.

It will actually only take me a couple of hours to change it because of the tools that I use (no, they are not available to the public yet, but I will show you where to get them).

But I want to make the changes to the various components so that you can follow along. I must tell you that I was Ignorant of a lot of these things when I first started. So, no matter what your Marketing or Technical expertise or lack there of, you will be able to make these changes to your site using the tools I will show you all by yourself as long as you have enough computer knowledge to read this post. Or, you can have one of our minions do it for you if you so desire. 🙂 Yes, I know it is a TV, but I like the pic.  🙂

I am going to point out some big mistakes that even many Fortune 500 companies make! This is going to be fun!

And we are not talking about using a crappy free builder or using Yahoo, or anything from 1&1 and the like that can kill your business and you won’t even know it.

So, just wanted to set you up for that.

Andrew “Easy” Anderson