220px-Boulton_and_Watt_centrifugal_governor-MJ Why, If you are not going Balls Out, you are going to get your ass handed to you on a silver platter.

While I may be having some fun mixing metaphors, they both vividly describe cause and effect in a rather succinct manner.

Balls Out by the way has nothing to do with the male anatomy by the way. It goes back to the days of steam engines.  It was used as a governor to keep steam engines from blowing up at top speed.  While I did a Google search for this and did not see it, I do remember reading a picture dictionary from the 20’s that also talked about the term Balls To The Wall in the same context. That they were spinning so fast, the balls hit the walls.

My point is that if you are not going as fast as you possibly can these days, you are are going to get your ass handed to you shortly on a silver platter by those businesses that are going Balls Out.

Speed provides you with a host of benefits that are never apparent by those people that are running slow.  We are fed the pabulum of slow and steady and the tortoise and the hare bullshit.

While the tortoise may have won the race in the old horse and buggy days when you could dodge the buggy, today you will get run over by the 18 wheeler going 80 MPH and be flat as a pancake.

I learned the value of speed in windsurfing and flying various types of aircraft. Speed gives you stability, it gives you control and allows you to make adjustments to your direction without crashing.  And speed in the case of flying, keeps you from deadly consequences.  In the case of windsurfing, it keeps you from falling over and being stranded miles offshore. The same goes with your business and you need to take advantage of the fact that speed gives you stability and the ability to control your direction.

There are also numerous psychological advantages as well.  One being with speed, you are forced to make decisions faster and not second guess yourself.  This is a key factor that I have observed in all of the successful businesses I have worked with without exception.

So, start going Balls Out and start being successful.  If you don’t believe me, go try riding a bike at a turtle’s pace and see what happens. The same goes with your business.

Andrew “Easy” Anderson.