In the prior post, I briefly discussed the interesting twist to the structurist/free spirit dichotomy of the Organization People Pattern™ when it comes to time management. The concept of time management (and time management seminars) was created by structurists who don’t need it and was developed for free spirits who don’t want it. There is another aspect to this pattern to consider as well, now that you understand the distinction between the two types.

It is that the Organization People Pattern™ and all People Patterns™, for that matter, are highly contextual. Over the years, we have met all types of different people in a variety of situations and contexts in work and at home. Most individuals are either decidedly, proud structurists or else are at the other end of the spectrum as blatant, in your face free spirits. There are some cases, however where individuals exhibit one proclivity in one context of their lives, and the opposite pattern in another context of their lives.

For example, a given business person may be more of a structurist at work out of necessity because traditional business runs according to structurist rules. And yet in the context of his or her personal life, the individual chooses to be free spirit in orientation, with no advanced planning whatsoever, and at all times completely ensconced in the present moment, in the now. Neither perspective is about right or wrong choices. Again it is a question of preference and/or what works in a particular context. After all, it’s all about context.

Balance is actually a healthy place out of which to operate. For example, even if you are a structurist, why would you choose to be thinking about tomorrow’s meeting in the middle of a special dinner with a loved one? In such a case, enjoying the present moment from a free spirit perspective would be much more desirable. On the other hand, there are times when being a structurist is more helpful, such as when meeting deadlines or when scheduling appointments or important meetings. Again, context is everything. It is all about context. And you will know whether it is more appropriate or beneficial to achieving your goal to be planning ahead as a good structurist versus being totally in the present moment and relishing every second of it, as a good free spirit.

If you are a person who is distinctly either structurist or free spirit, it is highly likely that you will find it to be excruciatingly painful to find yourself in the presence of someone who is the polar opposite of you. Free spirits consider structurists to be rigid robots who don’t know how to have fun being spontaneous. Structurists, on the other hand, view free spirits to be unreliable flakes who can’t make decisions. Each thinks that the world would be a far better place without the other in it. Now you can decide for yourself.

No matter where you are, remember that the bottom line is context!


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