www.21to21.com/blogAre you doing Mind Feed on a regular basis?  It is more important than ever before.  This was brought up in a conversation with one of our new partners in Europe that I speak with about business building and personal growth.   He was asking me what I do in the area to keep motivated and to keep striving for the next level.

I have made it a priority to give him every bit of coaching in me that I have.  He is a sharp guy and before the age of 21, had worked with both Apple and Google on projects.

Well specifically on Mind Feed, I do some  every day. It is as important as eating and exercising.  I usually spend 20 minutes first thing in the morning reading something positive and that I can learn from.  I also make it a point to hang around other positive minded, successful people.

I really limit the Nego-My- Eggo types with a passion.  Why hang around negative people at all? It serves no purpose. You only reinforce a despicable and non-productive behavior and it saps you of energy to create and do positive things.  My conclusion is that every person that you come in contact with you ha a positive or negative effect on you. But it is only the degree to either side of the equation that changes.

If you watch the news or listen to any of the vast majority of Politicians, or as I am forever here on out going to spell it as Poluticians, because all they do it pollute the air with lies and stupidity for the most part, then Negativity is about all you hear out of the latest crop.

The tone out of Washing and State Capitals is negative as well is the news on the Economy.  The Economy was caused by those same Negative Dooffuses in the first place, so, go figure. 🙂

For those of you that remember, and for those of you that don’t, one of the many good things you can say about Ronald Regan, was the he made people feel better about themselves and their country and the possibility of themselves taking control of their lives to make a better one.  Not only just for themselves, but their children and grandchildren.  This was after Jimmy Carter had both inflation and interest rates at about 20% and the world thought we were done for.

He never talked down to people, he never said anything bad about the US, he never said anything bad about businesses or never tried to pit one American against another. He only said good things. He gave people hope that things would truly get better.  And they got better indeed.  Because of this and what he did by lowering taxes, slashing government, empowering individuals and giving them hope, he helped create 21 million jobs.

He understood that positive Mind Feed was the basis for getting things done period.

You should understand it as well and it can make a huge difference in your business and the rest of your life.

I will post more info later on some of the resources that I use and make it easier on you to see exactly how I do it.  It really can make a huge difference in your success.


Andrew “Easy” Anderson