Chaos And Opportunity – We Are In The Midst Of Both

Chaos And Opportunity – We Are In The Midst Of Both.  I love it when it pulls up the Frame where you look like a dork don’t you?   🙂 I will be doing another video soon on some specifics that I mention in this video.

How To Get 1,021 New Targeted Twitter Followers Guaranteed

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If you are looking for complete Twitter management or just want to jump start your targeted followers, I can help.  This can include Geo Targeting (a fancy way of saying by location). You can now get at 1,021 targeted followers for only $79 as an introductory special. This includes scheduling and sending out your Tweets […]

How Not To Let Email And Other Ducks Peck You To Death

How To Not Let Email And Other Ducks Peck You To Death As an Entrepreneur, we are all usually faced with too much to do and too little time to do it. I am sure that you know what I mean. In the past year, I have gotten off track with letting the Ducks peck […]

Colors That Sell

Colors That Sell or the alternative title – Colors That Sell Shit… i.e. that make you a profit, put money in your pocket, allow you to live your dreams. Now this started off tongue in cheek, but it is serious too. If you are watching the video, please disregard all of the Ums and Aas […]

How To Best Get Started

Have you ever noticed that often times the hardest thing to do is the simplest thing? In that when you get you your Business idea all set up we often times kind of get twisted about it and try to figure out all of the angles for every part of it. We make lists, and […]

Want To Start A Business? Do It NOW And Here Is Why

Laffer Curve Profit Consultant

If you have ever thought about starting your business, do it now. Don’t Talk It About It Any Longer. Here Is Why… Why? Well, one reason is that it often takes less time to actually do it than to talk about it. Secondly, taking action and gaining momentum is the best way to increase your […]

Mass Mediocrity And The Motivation People Pattern

MASS MEDIOCRITY AND THE MOTIVATION PEOPLE PATTERN™ “Human nature is such that if we are relatively content, then we are not going to be motivated to do anything to change our comfort zone, whether it be now or later.” Marilyne Woodsmall This is more on Personality Language(tm) from Marilyne Woodsmall.  I will say it again, […]