OK, this is way off the beaten path here, but as a student of real History and Economics, I learned early on that what we learn in Grade School, High School and especially College is so biased by Progressives and has been sanitized to fit PC requirements it is not even funny and it is just plain wrong in most things.

From the real story of the first Thanksgivings Celebration of throwing off Socialism, to our own Government Officials openly praising Mao and having an ornament of him on last year’s Christmas tree, who also happens to be the biggest Mass Murderer in the History of Mankind, to who actually flew first, and to who probably really  invented the Telephone.  And no, it was not the Wright Brothers, nor Alexander Graham Bell.

I did a blog post on these on one of my other blogs and may post it here but I don’t want to get too far off track.  🙂

I was doing a very rare thing today in that I actually turned on the TV during a short break and was flipping through channels and came across this about the Revolutionary War and the lost history of Black Americans in it.  Not as slaves, but as welcomed and honored participants.  I also learned that the Abolitionists in order to make a case against slavery, did their best to wipe this out.   Stupid is, is stupid does I guess.

Anyway, here is what I watched today the really ticked me off and made me like our Founding Fathers even more and only reinforces to me why America is the best country that has ever been in existence and that we have so much to be proud of and screw the people that say we should be ashamed of America.   Your an idiot if you think that way and if that is you, please go away now.  🙂  Just saying… For those of you still here, enjoy! You are in for a treat!