The Answer And A Video Explanation Of Your Most Valuable Asset

So, what do you think your most valuable asset in business is that you have?  If you are like the rest of the go getter’s out there, we have a tendency to think that if we work a little harder, a little longer, and put in more of ourselves we will solve the issue of of the moment.

Now you would think that if you just could put a little more time in, you could get it done.  Well guess what?  No matter how well you manage your time, it won’t matter.  Will you get more done for a while? Of course but you can’t run effectively day after day at full tilt for 16,17, 18 hours a day.

Your most valuable Asset In Business is your energy levels.  If you go after a problem after you are well rested and healthy and your head is in the right place, then you can solve many problems or issues that come up in a manner of minutes.  Yet you try and do the same high level task when you are tired and it could easily take you hours to come up with the same quality of solution.

In the book ” The Power Of Full Engagement” by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz they bring up some very good statistics and examples of why this is true.

You know what I am talking about.  Where you are tired and even the words won’t come out of your mouth right and the simple things are a pain.  Well, guess what, when you are like that and the extra hour that you put in would be better spent resting.

As a recovering, oh heck, who am I kidding, active Workaholic,  I have to watch out for that myself.  The only reason that I do is that I do like what I do so much that I find myself taking things to the enth degree sometimes with projects.   Yet I know that I would be far better taking the time off and sharpening the Axe as it were.

The kicker is sticking with that philosophy even though I know it is true.  What does it for me is that I have people the depend on me now to make the right decisions and I know that burning the candle at both ends only should happen once in a while and not all of the time.  It is not effective at all.  It is also a symptom of a simpleton.  I already have one of those T-Shirts and I do not need another thank you very much.

Now that is not to say you should not have tight deadlines.  But you need to plan on taking time off to keep your energy levels as high as possible.   Take at least one day of the Weekend off.   If a project has you burnt out, then spend time on another one, step away from it for a few hours, days, or even weeks.   It can make a huge difference in your profits, and your quality of life.

Here is a video of Tony Schwartz speaking at Google about this subject.  Also, learn why multi-tasking does not work.  I have been following him for several years now and his stuff works and it makes sense.   Actually, it is common sense which is the least common of all senses. 🙂