Work With Your Competition And Make More Money?

While this may sound crazy, this is one of those counter-intuitive techniques that I see very few businesses using that is one of my top 5 Profit Secrets.

First off, most people don’t even consider it.  Their competition is their competition.

But for those that do, there may not be easier profits to be had.

For one, it is truly free.  It usually just involves a phone call or an email to get the ball rolling.

Secondly, in many cases, your competition is not really your competition anyway.  If you are in a decent sized niche, if you pick the right company, you both end up coming out so far ahead of the game it is not even funny.

I find this in the Consulting end of things especially but, it is true no matter what you are selling.  You both have a customer base and you may even be selling the same products, but at any given moment, that customer base may not want to buy what you are selling, so why not offer them your competitions products or services and make money from them?

If you are limited pie type of person you won’t get this.  But if you are not, and you know that the pie is ever expanding you will and you can trounce those people that don’t get it.

Right now for instance, I get calls on a regular basis from other consulting companies to do Marking, Social Media, or SEO work for them.  And guess what, that is fine.  I am happy to do that for them.

And upon occasion I will call them if they have a field of expertise.  They are happy because they make money, my client is happy because they get the best service, and normally the can’t believe that I would be honest enough to tell them I want to bring in someone else to handle a specific part of their needs.

I usually end up with clients for life. Why, because I am honest with them and I never worry about the other consultants stealing clients.  One, because I am honest with my client, they would tell me, and two the consultants I work with just don’t do that.

And if the client or the consultant were to do that, then they both did me a favor by pointing out that they are scumbags in the first place and I know longer have to work with either of them ever again.

If there is other work they they end up doing for the client, guess what?  I get a piece of the action on that.  Everyone wins.

There are other ways to to do Joint Ventures as well that are beneficial to all parties.

Perhaps you can share mailing lists, do joint advertising, do joint presentations, sell each others products that are not in your line, make use of under utilizes facilities or capacity, or even employees or contractors.

There are dozens of way for you to work with the competition and in turn, trounce your competition.

Think out of the box about your “Competition” and both of your will be glad you did.


Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson