The first Baby Step to finding, creating, or reshaping your Muse, Business, or Dream Job is to actually take the first Baby Step. Take the first step and then follow through. Seriously! This actually came as a big revelation to me quite some time ago, as it does for many others.

I get lots of people that ask me, “so, how do I make money online?” Well, what are you selling? What does your order button look like? Do you have a blog?

About 90% give me a blank look for a second and then sharp ones start to laugh. It really is that simple. Build it, make it, create it, give people a way to purchase it, and that is how you make money!

It truly is no more complicated than that. Are there a bunch of Baby Steps you can do to increase your sales and profits of course. But that is the gist of it. I have said this time, and time again, any product that is for sale will outsell the perfect product that never makes it to market.

Remember, Baby Steps and a sense of humor can go a long way toward your success.

Andrew Anderson Start On Monday

PS  This is from a post I did today over at
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Namely, how to use screen capture videos, how to use Virtual Assistants,
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