Oil Spill Gulf Of Mexico 2010
Oil Spill Gulf Of Mexico 2010

If the expected  moratorium on offshore drilling is placed by the administration as rumored, nearly every expert agrees that we could see $5.00+ gas prices at the pump and diesel could shoot up to $7.00.

Why should this matter to you other than it is going to make going to the pump painful and the price of everything you purchase could go up 10-15%, and heating a home could double this coming Winter?

Well, because it will drive even more people to the Web for services and products.   When even close trips cost $5 to get there and back, most people will be looking for even more things they can purchase without using their car and they will be looking to save money as the average consumer in America and Worldwide for that matter is going to get hit hard.

This is even without the proposed Cap and Tax bill on energy that Congress has said they are going to pass that will add a 25% tax to all energy costs including electricity.

So there has never been a better time to make sure that your Website is up and running and profitable.  I know we are getting busier than we have ever been.

How Is Your Business Going To Handle $5.00 Per Gallon Gas and $7.00 Gallon Diesel Fuel?

Just make sure you do not wait too long.  Gas prices are guaranteed to go up. Will they hit $5.00 per gallon?   Depends if they do put a moratorium on drilling.  But, I would say there is a 99% that you will see a 40% spike in prices even if they don’t.    With over 84% of all oil reserves in the US placed off limits to drilling by the Government and even tighter restrictions on coal and other normal energy sources with no real alternatives in site, it is pretty much assured that prices will continue to rise unless someone in Washington grows some brain cells.

But I have more faith in the Easter Bunny showing up at my door along with Santa Clause with a bottle of good Scotch asking me to sit down for a drink to discuss the Evil of Progressives than the DC crowd to get things right.  🙂

Then again though, if you open your eyes to what is going to be happening shortly and you get your Website and marketing humming, you can do really well. That, and buying oil futures.

Those that don’t, will probably go out of business or at least be in for a really, really rough time of things.  It is as simple as that.

Call me if you need help and even if you don’t do that, get your Website and your Marketing in order ASAP.


Profit Consultant - Andrew Anderson