Common Sense Marketing… Really?

Commons Sense Marketing is one of those subjects that when people hear it, they either roll their eyes or get really excited about it.  The kicker is that Commons Sense Marketing is really uncommon.

But, Common Sense Marketing when applied and done right can vault you past your competition, past any goals that you may have set for yourself, and put money in your bank account for the rest of your life.

You want to know what is for freaking cool about it?  It is so UnCommon, it is not even funny! Very few people use it.

Common Sense Marketing Is An Oxymoron

Seriously, Common Sense Marketing is an oxymoron.  I would say that less than 1/10th of 1% of any business I see actually follow and use it in all parts of their business.

This is true even with the bigger companies as well.  The ones that spend millions of dollars on an Ad Agency who’s site is so avant garde (which I think is really French for” I am so cool that I am an idiot or my farts don’t stink.” I forget which)  that it looks like vomit.

I would show you a couple of them but I may end up working with them in the future… LOL   Just look around the Web, or on TV, or in any magazine and you will see what I am talking about here Ad wise.   I just want to go up to them and and say, “it may be cool that you can use all of the flashy stuff, and be vague about what you are actually trying to sell and  to show your are hip and cool you are but, “hey” it still looks like vomit to the average Joe and Joette out there.  Get a friggin clue.

That being said, Common Sense Marketing has become rather important to me recently and I will explain why over the coming weeks and months.  I am going to show you why it is going to become important to you as well.

Why You Need Common Sense Marketing

I will give you one of the reasons why right now and I will also make a prediction.

Those of you that start using or using more Common Sense Marketing are going to thrive and prosper. Those of you that don’t will go out of business.  Maybe not right away, but soon.

How is that for a reason?

That being said, I am going to be bringing you information and help from some of the World’s best Common Sense Marketers so that you can start using their techniques in your marketing right away.

I know you can do this.  It is just a matter of being reminded of what real Common Sense Marketing is all about and how to go about implementing it.

I am really looking forward to sharing this information with you.