Dark text in a light background will out sell light text on a dark background 2 to 1 or more.  Don’t go dark if you want to make any money.  It is OK, for calling attention to things, but not your over-all look and feel where text is involved.

Keep your Blogs and Websites light, and you and your bank accounts will be all right.

[contentbox align=”center” width=”460″ marginleft=”40″ margintop=”5″ marginbottom=”0″ padding=”5″ border=”001526″ borderwidth=”1″ bgcolor=”0000bf” corners=”10″ flareshadow=”400″]

Light Text On A Dark background when used right can bring attention to things, but don’t use it everywhere.[/contentbox]

It really is that easy.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot and make it tougher on yourself right out of the gate.  Like in the rest of the world, people do judge you by how your look, and how your Website / Blog looks.  Thank goodness..LOL

Can people get past it?  Sure, but why make it harder on yourself.  And do as I say, not as I do. 🙂   But here is another big issue to consider.  People that are near sighted or have any number or vision impairments find it very hard to read reverse colored type or light text on a dark background.  Who is this?  Primarily people over 35 or the people with the most money to spend on whatever it is your are selling.

This has been tested thousands and thousands of times.

So, dress yourself and you Web presence for success.  It works!  If you are serious about making money with your Website or Blog I would pick up David Ogilvy’s Book “David Ogilvy On Advertising”.

You may not think that your layout out matters, but it does.  You can to make it easy for people to read.  As Ogilvy says,” you can’t save souls in and empty church”.   Light is right.

Andrew ” Easy” Anderson