pizzaDomino’s Pizza announced today that their profits more than doubles on new recipe, or does it really.

Here is a link to the AP story the Domino’s Story. The short answer is I don’t think so.

Here is the poll I have had up since they did there big change. Look at how many people prefer the old version.  Take the poll yourself if you have tried out the new Domino’s pizza.

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As I said in my first posts about them,

they  don’t know their customer very well and if they knew about “Personality Language” ™ they would not have gotten rid of the old version, but, instead just have added the new version to their menu.

I am not the only one that is skeptical.

“When a restaurant company radically changes their menu, usually there’s a curiosity bump involved in the results,” said Morningstar analyst R.J. Hottovy. “But it’s too early to tell if that’s going to be sustainable for a long time.”

Well, if you consider it did get a lot of publicity and they spent a boat load of money on on their PR campaign, a bump was there. But as they say, was is a dead cat bounce? I am inclined to think so.

That and the big number at the bottom – Annual revenue fell 2 percent to $1.4 billion from $1.43 billion.

As I have said in all my posts, I do wish them well, but I hope they smarten up and get with the program and bring back the old version. Which I have heard they already have done on a limited scale.

There are thousand of people that work for Domino’s that depend on the people at the top getting it right. I have spoken with a couple of the franchise owners and while they are keeping mostly quite, they are nervous.

I think they have every right to be quite a bit nervous actually.  We will see how this plays out next quarter.

Andrew Anderson

PS  I have a really cool post I have been working on for a bit now on Blogging that I think you will like.  And in another bit of news. I have officially gained the title of the King of misspellers as I have been informed by my proof reader.  I take full responsibility for any misspelling and grammatically errors from here on out as I usually don’t give here these before I post  them.  Then I have here busying working on the big projects it takes here a couple of days for here to get to them when I do remember to send them to her. 🙂  But, I look at it as a way to winnow out those people that don’t have a sense of humor about these things and gain those that are smart enough to figure out what I am Yakking about. LOL