forked-tail fly catcher Profit ConsultantI got a glimpse of this phenomena the other day with one of my new clients.  No, unfortunately not the Forked-Tail Fly Catcher, but something with a tail, all right.

My client was so busy running round putting out fires, taking care of things that had to be done, chasing their tail and chasing after buzzing flies, they were too busy to stop and actually start making enough money so they could stop running around being busy.

Whenever I am observing a client, I always remind myself to look in the mirror. As I did so, low and behold, I had begun doing a bit of fly chasing myself.   Not nearly as bad as the client, but the buzzing has a nasty habit of distracting you from the important things you should be doing, which is of course…making money.

A lot of this can be stopped in its tracks by simply having a written plan.  OK, I can make something else up if that was too easy but, it is often the only thing you need.  Write out a plan of at most 3 or 4 things that have to get done concerning making a profit, and then one important goal for the week and the month.  Be specific.  Say, I am going to get 20 new clients and build up 8 new residual income streams from them.

Being specific makes a huge difference.  So, don’t let chasing flies cause a fender bender while you are driving down the road to massive profitability.  Let them buzz, you can pay someone else to get them when you have arrived.  You will have enough money to do it.  Massive Profits means never having to swat your own flies.  Unless of course you really want to….      🙂


Andrew Anderson
Profit Consultant