Massive Online Profits Flip Flops

The Cobbler Who Wears Flip Flops

That is exactly how I feel these days.  🙂  Have you ever been there?  Have you just been so busy with clients and other people you don’t have time to work on your own projects?

While I have been mostly concentrating on some totally mind-blowing SEO / Traffic systems I am integrating into a new software project I am about to share with you,  I am slowly putting this site together so that it is an “appealing, take action kind of site” and not something the cat brought home.

If you have watched my Massive Online Profit videos, you are seeing a small sliver of the kind of things I am working on.

So is better than a lot of sites out there? Sure, but it is only about 85% there and it will be much, much better.  What it does not do is really showcase any of the Web Design skills I have or that are in house.   But as I said before, I have been mostly using it for SEO / Traffic research and will continue to do so but, it will get better looking here shortly.

I am not sure if I mentioned this, but I am using the Beta Version of  LaunchBox Pro software that my partners and I have been working on for about 8 months now.    While it may not be apparent yet, it is by far the easiest, most powerful Website / Blog building platform I have ever used, with nothing even coming close.

launchbox Pro the total WordPress SolutionIt allows you to basically build out custom themes and layouts within the WordPress Dashboard without ever leaving it.  Plus you can have totally customized squeeze pages, optin pages,  and sales pages built in about 25 minutes. So you will never have to purchase a customize theme or wait a week or two and drop $700 to $3,000 dollars or more, let alone having someone build out a new sales, squeeze, or optin pages every time you need one.  And then once again, wait a week or two and spend a bunch of money.

We are putting in every SEO / Traffic getting tool that we know of.  Even those tools we don’t normally share with anyone except clients that pay us big bucks.

It allows anyone with ZERO tech skills to build professional looking blogs and sites that make money.  You do not need to know how to program.  Just cut and paste. Although, our primary clientele have been Web Designers and they will be using this in droves because it will cut down design time by a factor of 5. It is so easy though, anyone can use it.

You can end up with a site on par with sites like the New York Times, National Geographic, Nokia, Wall Street Journal, or a host of other big name sites that have moved to WordPress as their Web application, all on your own.

If you are interested in finding out more and getting the inside scoop when we make it public, go here and do a quick sign up.  You will be glad you did and I will give you a hint, you will be able to get a 75% discount off of the regular price, which is so low already, you will just have to go look.

Anywho…  I am slowly getting my products and services page together and I should have one of my other programmers or Virtual Assistants do this. But… I usually don’t let them mess with this site because I have so darn many experiments and tests going on at any given moment.  Plus, it is kind of my own playground.

But for the time being, it looks like this cobbler will be wearing Flip Flops for a while longer but I actually had time to play with some design work today for a whole 15 minutes. Did I mention I got to bed at 4:00 AM.  🙂  I love it!

And I am picking up more SEO and Social Media Clients.  Boy, are they in for a pleasant surprise as I just tested out some very cool systems.

Hope you are having fun out there and making tons of profit.  They usually go hand in hand.


Flip Flop wearing Andrew Anderson