This is the first in a series of three videos that I am going to give to you covering SEO and Traffic Tips, Tricks, and Short Cuts that you can start doing today to help your toward massive online profitability.

Sorry, but I have removed these videos. I don’t want everyone using these techniques as it will ruin it for everyone, including my clients and myself.  I am sure you understand. 🙂

And obvious caveats and disclaimers here. I do this primarily because your Federal Government does not think you are bright enough to tie your own shoes. However, I don’t. I think you are smart, and can do wonderful things when given the right information and encouragement but here goes anyway. If you do these things will they guarantee massive profits? No, you may not make any money at all. But then again, things just might work out as planned.

Would love to hear your comments on this information and I will try and answer any other questions that you may have.  I just did a video on the results that I got in less than five hours. Will post it tomorrow.   How about number 3 and 8 on the first page of Google regular search and number 2 in video search?   Great content trumps all.  Great content is SEO.  Remember this and you can own your niche.

Content is Key.

Andrew Anderson

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