At 21to21, we are continuously looking, testing, and integrating Marketing Techniques and Features for you like you have never seen before. You will find we use a mixture of not so common, common sense marketing, mixed with the latest technology that goes way beyond Web 2.0.

Not only that, but we will be showing you these techniques and features on a regular basis, thereby allowing you to stay several steps ahead of your competition and putting profit on your bottom line.  Go ahead and play with it. Zoom in, get directions. Google maps are the only ones I use.


Let’s face it, do you really want an even playing field when with a little work and some smart thinking on your part along with the help of your team at you can have the whole field tilted in your favor at all times? The big question is, would you rather have the playing field of your business niche tilted your way or toward your competition? Very soon, you will get to decide.

Okay… So Why Does Google Maps Rock the World?

This is a great tool if you have a brick and mortar business and want to make it easy for people to find you and get specific informaiton about your business or even if you are a virtual one! Go ahead and click on the red pin. Kind of cool huh? Go ahead and play with the map, if you like. You can zoom and even get directions. Now what if you had these pins for each one of your locations. What happens is that people see that you have your act together right off the bat. Plus, when you make it easy for customers to find you, they will show up at your door. Can you imagine just picking up and extra 10 or 15 customers a month. a week, or day this way? Well, with tools like this, you absolutely can. Plus, this tool can really help with your SEO.

Now just imagine having your contact information with instructions on how your customer can buy your product or service in the block.

When you put together tools like this into a cohesive fashion in my latest and greatest project which will be coming out in Beta shortly. It is like having your own oil well that keeps working for you 24/7 at putting money in your bank account.