WordPress Introduction:  WordPress Profits Video #1


This actually the first video in the series where I take you through the Why, What, How, and What If of WordPress. In other words, I show you why you need to be using this for your Blogs and Websites and how to use it profitably.  Plus, I show you how to get WordPress installed for FREE.

This for new users and those of you that are already using WordPress.  I show you some tips and tricks that you have more than likely never seen before.

This video is best viewed in Full Screen mode. Just click in the lower right hand corner and when you want to leave full screen mode, just hit escape.

Here is the link for Profit Platform Pro which is now LaunchBox Pro that I talk about in the video.  If you don’t have a hosting account yet, as I have said, I am only recommending Bluehost. Primarily because I have been a client of theirs for several years now and their pricing and customer service is great.  Customer support is based in the US of A and they actually know what they are doing.  Go Here to sign up. It is less than $7 per month for hosting!

Because I am a client and an affiliate of theirs, if you sign up through 21to21, I will actually install one copy of WordPress for you for FREE if you are not sure how to get it set up correctly.  I will also throw in my secret SEO tweaks to WordPress that have helped me and my clients get a number of search phrases on on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.   Now of course, you have to have good content in order for them to work and it will take some time, but you will have a leg up over your competition for sure.

And seriously, if you want to make money online I would not use anything other than WordPress and don’t let some Web Designer talk you into using anything else.  There are at least 100 other reason why WordPress rules right now that I did not get into, but hopefully the video gave you a good overview.

Make sure that you check out the post  “Blog or Die? too.

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them.

Hope you have a profitable day and enjoy!


Andrew “Easy” Anderson