155mm-howitzerProfit Consultant tip #27 is one you may already know how to do, but may have forgotten it and have not made it a habit.

Well, it is time to knuckle down and pull out some of the best tips and tricks I know on how to put more money in your pocket.  I am bringing out the big guns as it were.  I find it rather funny sometimes, but I often come up with some of my best ideas when I am tired and can’t really seem to think straight.   Well at least when the front part of my brain starts to stutter and intuition or the subconscious starts to kick in.  Which brings up one of the Profit Consultant Tips.

You see our subconscious works 24/7/365 and we often are too busying “thinking” to let the knowledge that it is constantly gathering and crunching come out.  This is when you get your gut feeling or your intuition, or even inspiration.   This usually takes place when we are not thinking or doing anything involved with the problem or solution we are trying to figure out.

Have you ever had the answer to a situation or task you need solved just pop fully formed into your brain seemingly out of nowhere?  I bet you have more than once.  Well, the great thing about this is that you can actually train your brain on how to make this a normal occurrence.   Some of the best thinkers of our time have done exactly that.


The trick is to not be so busy and actually give yourself time to just chill out, relax and not think.  No music, no TV, no people yakking at you.   Just try sitting for 15 whole minutes doing nothing…   It may be pretty tough at first, but you should try it for a week.  The results may just blow you away.

Also, and I can not stress this enough, if you want to have an easier day tomorrow, get out a pad and pen and write down the things you need to get done tomorrow.  This will give your noodle something to do while you are sleeping.  You will find that your day will go much easier and that you may wake up a whole lot calmer and find new ways to accomplish what you have written down.

This works for me and it has worked for hundreds of clients that I have gotten started doing this.  This is one of my best, yet simplest tips I know of on how to make more profit.   Don’t scoff at how easy this may appear.  Try this for a week and I bet  you get better results from this than you will spending a $1,000 with a consultant on how to improve your sales.

Let me know how it works for you.


Andrew Anderson

Profit Consultant