Don’t worry about twitter if you are not already on it.   If you don’t know what it is, it allows you to post 140 character snippets and people read them. Twitter has had some growing pains and it has had trouble raising funding as they have not figured out a way to monetize it yet.  With massive growth, although no one is sure how much there really is as some people have 10 or more accounts that I have seen,  they have limited the number of followers that you can have to about 2,000.  Now this seems like a lot but in essence it is not.

While I would never predict that it won’t fly as someone could swoop in and pay them millions for it, ultimately I think that they may get crushed under their own weight.

I do like the concept and we are on it, I am still out on making up my mind as to its value in some areas but there are some others where it definitely can be helpful for you if you use it in one specific way..  But not to be a tease but, I am only going to share that with the paying clients and people that get our newsletter which up until this time has been by invitation only.

Look for a way to get the newsletter in the next few days.  My Twitter discovery alone will be worth the price of it for the whole year.


Andrew Anderson