You know something, every once in a while I screw up and I did and I will tell you how.  A lot of times, we like to just put our best foot forward and only focus on our successes.  Well, if you are human, you are going to mess things up every once in in awhile and I do that at least a couple of times a day.

What Results Are They Selling? Is It Clear? You Bet It Is!

Be it with a project, or a task, or even a client.  It does happen but don’t worry.  If you don’t make a mistake once in a while then you are not trying.

Honestly, I do and I did here.  But the kicker is that it is only a screw up if you don’t fix it.  Fixing this little error right now.

I messed up in that I did not make it clear what is all about.  Here goes nothing. is all about How You Can Make More Money, not just a little bit but a Boat Load More.  Big revelation actually.  It is not about great techniques or the nuances of writing great copy or marketing and learning gobs of stuff.  That is all hog wash honestly or I may got out on a limb here and say bullshit.  It is about showing you what you can go do to make more money ASAP.  This involves giving your customers what they want at the price they are willing to pay.

Really that is it in a nut shell.   The lesson here is usually your customer is thinking that exact same thing.  It comes down to basically two things

They want Results or to be Entertained.  That is what they will pay you for and if you do it right, they will pay you a lot.

So, what results are you going to deliver and how can you convey that to them?  For the most part they don’t care about you, they care about what results you are going to deliver to them period.

Oh, unless you are going to Entertain them, and even then it is Results.  So when you are speaking with your customers or marketing to them, what Results are you going to give them?  Make sure you convey it in simple understandable terms.